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Political Parties in NZ

  1. Act
  • Classical liberal principles as the basis of free and prosperous communities
  • Free speech, free trade, and personal and religious freedom
  • Limited and smarter government, lower taxes, and removing petty regulation
  • Secure property rights and the rule of law
  • Civic society values, including honesty, compassion, enterprise, community service, personal responsibility, tolerance and civility

  1. Green
  • Ecological wisdom and sustainability
  • Social responsibility; the just distribution of social and natural resources
  • Appropriate decision-making, made directly by those affected
  • Non-violence
  • Recognition of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of New Zealand

  1. Labour
  • New Zealand's natural resources belong to all the people and, in particular non-renewable resources, should be managed for the benefit of all, including future generations
  • Equal access to all social, economic, cultural, political and legal spheres, regardless of wealth or social position, and access to participation in the democratic process
  • Co-operation should be the main governing factor in economic relations, in order to ensure a greater amount, and a just distribution, or wealth
  • All people are entitled to dignity, self-respect and the opportunity to work
  • All people may own wealth or property for their own use, but in any conflict of interest people are always more important than property and the state must ensure a just distribution of wealth
  • The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand, and should be honoured in the Party, government, society and whanau
  • The same basic human rights, protected by the State, apply to all people, regardless of race, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, age, faith, political belief or disability

  1. Maori
  • To promote a fair and just society, work for the elimination of poverty and injustice, and create an environment where the care and welfare of one's neighbour is important
  • Promotion of self-determination for Maori
  • Social organization, including rights and reciprocal obligations consistent with being part of a collective
  • To consistently work for unity among Maori people
  • To encourage, maintain and promote spiritual identity and connection with the land, and break down secular and nonsecular divisions to promote a holistic approach to life
  • To assist Maori to establish and maintain their connections to their own land
  • An active exercise of responsibility in a manner beneficial to resources and the welfare of the people
  • To support endeavours by Maori to establish and maintain our whanau, hapu, and iwi connections and continue our positive contribution to wider society
  • To Ensure the revitalisation of Te Reo Maori, and promote wider recognition of te reo maori as the first and official language of the country

  1. National
  • Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles, and our Sovereign as Head of State
  • National and personal security
  • Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
  • Individual freedom and choice
  • Personal responsibility
  • Competitive enterprise and reward for achievement
  • Limited government
  • Strong families and caring communities
  • Sustainable development of our environment

  1. First
  • Put New Zealanders and New Zealand First
  • Open Accountable Governance
  • Export-led Economies
  • Employing New Zealanders
  • Education as an Investment
  • Rebuilding Public Health
  • Less Tax
  • Upskilling New Zealanders
  • More from Welfare
  • Focused Foreign Policy
  • Proactive Environmental Policy
  • Ceasing State Asset Sales
  • Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Electoral Reform by Electors
  • The People's Policies

  1. United Future
  • Build and safeguard a fair, free and open society that values our communities, families and individuals
  • Economically responsible and socially liberal policy
  • A clear taxation system in order to ensure fair distribution and limited burdens
  • Efficient public services to give taxpayers the best value for their tax dollars
  • Strive to see a country that gives the same opportunities to thrive to all, where matters of birth, sexuality, gender and culture are all welcome
  • To act as a good international citizen, our country should strengthen our efforts towards realising international human rights, work towards free and fair trade agreements and collaborate on issues affecting our global community
  • Champion the realisation of universal human rights, defend the rights to speak, write, worship, associate and vote freely, and protect the rights of citizens to enjoy privacy in their own lives and homes
  • Future-oriented policy should be directed towards making sure our families and children get the best start in life and experience the full opportunities New Zealand has to offer

  1. Democrats
  • During this season of promised tax cuts, social spending, and a little piece of organic carrot for every sympathetic voter, it’s easy to be swept along by the messages of hope inherent in the rhetoric.

  1. Legalise Cannabis Party
  • We don't have to borrow money to make our economy work, when it's based on the lucrative cannabis industry. The cannabis market is worth over a billion dollars a year and if legalised and licensed would return $150 million in GST alone

10. Mana

MANA emerged from hui all over the country and from a competition to find a name that best describes the personal authority that people have to make our society one we can all be proud of, and the commitment it takes to make that happen.

11. Conservative
Policies include:
  • opposition to same-sex marriage
  • the first $20,000 of earnings being free of income tax
  • cutting the number of members of the New Zealand Parliament from 120 (currently 121 due to overhang seat) to 99
  • repeal of the 'anti-smacking' child discipline law
  • the use of binding referenda
  • abolition of the separate Māori electoral seats in parliament opposition to sales of rural land to foreign interests
  • abolition of New Zealand's emission trading scheme

12. Internet Party
The Internet Party was founded on the spirit of the internet, to help build an open, free, fair, connected and innovative society.
13. Ban 1080
To immediately stop DoC’s indiscriminate aerial 1080 poison programme.
To develop a science-based, measurable programme that includes:
–          Species specific protection plans,

–          Targeted pest control, using people not poison,

–          Community conservation involvement.

To protect all waterways by ensuring no future aerial poison drops.
14. Top opportunities
TOP intends to slash the tax rates on salaries and wages, and ask the owners of assets to pay more. The result is a fairer tax system.

15. NZ People's party
Sit down with the banks in NZ and discuss how we can move NZ’s waka forward. The wealthier we are, the wealthier the banks are.


The Values and beliefs of the Party
The actions that they are promising to help deal with this issue
Should Te Reo Maori be compulsory in
Green Party
The Green party want Te reo Maori taught in all NZ public schools and they also want it to be a compulsory subject.
The Green party are committing to create a comprehensive plan to achieve teaching te reo Maori to all NZ children
Maori Party
To promote a fair and just society, revitalisation of Te Reo Maori
Maori party have Not yet available on their website.

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Science Block 2

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Braingym #8

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Paying it forward- Paragraph Writing

Task 2

Find the definitions:

  1. Body language
  • Communication without using words.
  1. Camera work/film techniques
  • All kind of different camera shots
  • Example:
  • Over the shoulder shots
  • Panning shot
  • Zoom shot
  • Track in shots- the camera moves in one the subject.
  1. Dialogue
  • Any piece of conversation or speech give more detail on the plot or reveal something about a character.
  1. Editing
  • Film editing is the art, technique and practice of shots into a coherent sequence
  1. Lighting
  • Is an important part in creating the atmosphere in a film as the amount of light and the direction of the light source can give meaning to the viewer of the film.
  • Esample
  • Lighting is used to indicate the time of day.
  1. Music
  • Is actually called a film source but is known sometimes as ( background score, background music, movie soundtrack, film music or incidental music)
  1. Narration / voice-over
  • The content of a story and the form used to tell the story.
  1. Special effects
  • Special effects are illusions or visual tricks used in the film.
  1. Structure
  • The content of a story and the form used to tell the story
  1. Use of voice
  • People using their voices in a film.

Task 1

I choose numbers 3 & 4

Number 3:

  • Describe the opening scene of the film. Explain how the opening film helped you understand what the film was going to be about. Use examples from the film to support your idea.


When a News Reporter hears about a robbery he goes to the scene and is told to leave but doesn't, when the police lose sight of the robber and the hostage a car comes racing out of the driveway and the police cars have blocked off the road so the robber has no choice but to go straight ahead where the news reporter parked his car and the robber crashed into his expensive car and gets away. The police men get into their cars and chase the robber but leave the news reporter stranded with no car. All of a sudden a man comes out of the blue with a dog and tells the news reporter to take his car, the car is the same as the news reporters. The news reporter is confused and goes off at the man and calls him lots of names.

This opening helped me understand what was going on because the man helped the news reporter without wanting anything and that is paying it forward. So I knew that the movie was going to be about paying it forward.

Number 4:

  • Describe one friendship that was important in the film. Explain how the friendship helped you to understand one character in the film. Use example from the film to support your idea.


One friendship that i thought was important in the film was trevor and the boy with the curly hair that always got bullied by the “cool kids”

  • I think this because at the start of the movie trevor pulled him away from the bullies and helped him get away from them before the hurt him
  • And when the boy was getting bullied and they threw him in the dumpster trevor tried to stop them and he helped the boy out of the dumpster.
  • At the end of the movie when the boy was getting bullied trevor when on his bike and knocked them off the boy. But then trevor got stabbed and he died.